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5 Wards - Assemble your gang and take to the streets!
5 Wards box

5 Wards

2-5 Players | 60 Minutes | Ages 13+

Assemble your gang and step into the bustling streets of a booming Victorian city in this 2-5 player competition for control of the 5 Wards. Recruit and deploy your Thugs, brawl with rivals, execute devious schemes and establish your colorful crew as the most notorious and powerful bunch of hooligans around.


Rally & Recruit at the city's Landmarks
Deploy Thugs to any of the 5 Wards
Execute Schemes to gain control of the streets

Assemble your gang and take to the streets!

5 Wards is a blend of area majority, dice drafting, worker placement, and card play. The game is played over a number of rounds, and your goal is to recruit Thugs to your gang and deploy them to the map to gain control of the city. Each of the 5 Wards has a different scoring condition, drawn randomly at setup. Typical scores average around 12 points per player, so every one you can get is precious! Use Tactics cards to manipulate the dice, Brawl with rivals, become the Ward Boss for bonus points, and execute devious Schemes to thwart your rivals’ plans. When the Landmark deck runs out, the player with the most victory points is the winner.

Will you take your gang to the top and become the city’s next prime boss?

Dickie Chapin
Rupert Lewis Jones

“A interesting mix of drafting dice, manipulating dice, and area control. Some great player interaction, and schemes to keep the game interesting. I found the tug of way between players to be a ton of fun.”

Mark Streed – The Dice Tower

“I really like this game. It’s quick and straightforward and plays well at multiple player counts. The amount of randomness and strategy is a nice combination. It’s also a beautiful looking game – great components and great artwork. Stamp of approval!”

Unfiltered Gamer

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