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Joystick Heroes

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Joystick Heroes box

Joystick Heroes

2-6 Players | 45 Minutes | Ages 8+

The board game about playing video games – RADICAL! Grab your friends and family and head to the arcade, where you’ll burn through tokens to earn tickets and power up your skillz. Kick butt on games in your favorite genre and win big by beating high scores. The player with the most prizes when everybody runs out of tokens is the new Joystick Hero! Righteous!


Create Your Arcade
Choose Your Hero
Play Games

Wanna go to the arcade?

Joystick Heroes’ family-friendly retro 80’s theme takes you back to the arcade for hours of button mashing and joystick juking. Easy to learn and easy to teach, with over 50 unique Games cards, including 7 unique Boardwalk games.

At setup, create your own arcade and choose your Hero. Pick your skills, grab 10 tokens, and you’re ready to play.

A round of Joystick Heroes consists of 2 phases: (1) In the PLAY phase, choose any available Game card in your arcade, place 1 arcade token on it, and play it by rolling a number of dice based on the skills the game requires and your own skill levels. Use your hand of Power cards to modify your rolls and boost your scores, and check the Top Scores chart to see what you win. (2) In the POWER UP phase, spend the tickets you won in the Play phase to upgrade your skills or purchase prizes.

The player with the most prizes when everybody’s out of tokens is the new Joystick Hero! Righteous!

Dickie Chapin
David Smith
James Churchill
Dickie Chapin

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